Zinc Sulfide ZnS regular grade

Zinc Sulfide Regular Grade

Regular grade Zinc Sulfide is 50% harder than multispectral ZnS and is twice as hard as Zinc Selenide. ZnS is used in the 3 to 5 micron and 8 to 12.5 micron region and has a relatively low cost. It does not transmit well in the visible spectral region.

Zinc Sulfide uses include:

  • IR windows and lenses
  • Missile domes
  • External windows
  • Beam splitters
  • Bandpass filters
  • Multilayers

ZnS is available as:

  • Disks
  • Domes - near net shape
  • Sheets
  • Windows
  • Substrates
  • Ultra-thin wafers
  • Custom diameters
  • Rectangles
  • CNC - profiled blanks
  • Lens blanks
  • Prisms
  • Optical elements




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